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How to choose the right toolkit for different occupations

The tool kit is a leather or canvas bag that can be used to load various materials such as water pipe installation, circuit maintenance, hardware tools, woodworking tools, and mud tools. What are the types of toolkits? How do I choose a toolkit?
(1) Hardware kit
Hardware kits are common in families. In the hardware tool kit, there are generally wrenches, screwdrivers, nails, screw nuts, electric drills, hammers, nails and other tools. If the screws in your home are slippery, missing or damaged and need to be replaced, you can take out the screws, nuts and wrenches from the hardware kit and replace them with new ones.
(2) Electrician kit
The electrician's tool kit is generally equipped with sharp nose pliers, pliers, test pencil, adjustable wrench, electrician's knife and other circuit maintenance tools. Among them, the test pencil must be available. The test pencil can measure the short circuit point and the damaged place of the wire in the circuit. When the indicator light of the test pencil turns red, it indicates that the nearby wire is damaged.
(3) Hydraulic tool kit
The hydraulic tool kit is generally equipped with hot-melt machine, pipe shear, gloves, electric drill, measuring ruler and other pipe maintenance tools. When hot melting water pipes are used, first turn on the hot melting machine for preheating, and at the same time, cut the pipes to be installed with pipe shear. When the indicator light of the melting machine changes from red to off, it indicates that the preheating of the melting machine is completed. First place the pipe fittings on the die head, and then place the pipes to ensure that the pipes and pipe fittings are melted synchronously and no false welding will occur.
(4) Woodworking kit
Tools such as planer, chisel, hand saw, electric saw, nail, hammer, file, plumb line, carpentry pencil and tape measure are usually placed in the woodworking tool kit. The chisel, nail, hammer and plumb line of woodworking are the basic necessary tools for woodworking construction. Before carpentry construction, the plumb line will be hung to find the vertical line, and then the carpenter pencil will be used to make marks, so that the furniture made by carpenters will be horizontal and vertical, which is more regular and professional.
(5) Cemetery tool kit
In the cement worker's tool kit, there are usually brushes, rags, tile knives, cement shovels, plasterboards, rubber hammers, plumbers and other tools. Among them, the ash carrying board, cement shovel, tile knife and plumb are the most basic tools.