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How does an Open Tool Tote differ from a regular Tool Tote?

The distinction between an "Open Tool Tote" and a "Regular Tool Tote" might not have widely recognized or standardized definitions, so I'll provide a general explanation of what these terms could mean based on common understanding.
Regular Tool Tote:
A regular tool tote typically refers to a container or bag designed specifically for carrying and organizing tools. It usually features various pockets, compartments, and loops both inside and outside to accommodate different types of tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and more. The design of a regular tool tote emphasizes organization, protection of tools, and ease of transportation. Many regular tool totes have a closed top, often with a zipper or a flap, to secure the tools and prevent them from falling out.
An open tool tote, on the other hand, might refer to a type of tool tote that lacks a fully enclosed top. Instead of a zipper or a flap, it could have an open design that allows easy access to the tools without the need to unzip or open anything. The focus of an open tool tote might be on quick and convenient access to tools during tasks. This design could be particularly useful for situations where you need frequent access to your tools and don't want to hassle with zippers or closures.
It's worth noting that terminology can vary between manufacturers and users, and the exact features of tool totes can differ significantly based on the intended use and design preferences. Some people might use the term "open tool tote" to describe a tote that has fewer compartments and pockets and is more like an open bin for tools. Others might use it to describe a tote that has a semi-open design, like a large pocket with a partial closure.
Ultimately, whether you're looking for a regular tool tote or an open tool tote, it's essential to consider your specific needs, the types of tools you'll be carrying, and how you prefer to access and organize your tools while working.