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Audited by the Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau in DEC, 2023

Entrusted by Zhangjiagang Economic Development District Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau, Suzhou Anhuan Communication Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. dispatch an inspection expert audit team, on December 21, 2023, Zhangjiagang Tianrui Tools Co., LTD., the promotion of key work (five minutes before and after work, greater risk declaration, one belt, one cap, etc.), the implementation of the dual prevention mechanism, the implementation of the main responsibility system of safety production, the establishment and implementation of the management system, hidden danger investigation and management, emergency management, accident investigation and treatment, greater risk guarantee responsibility, blue Safety checks were carried out.

A small number of non-conformance items were found during this inspection, including 3 non-conformance items for document management and a number of hidden dangers for site management, such as warning signs and electricity safety.

In view of the above types of hidden dangers, our company combined with winter electricity safety, special remediation. Safety officer Xiao Lu is responsible for the general, the factory is responsible for the implementation, and after two weeks of step-by-step rectification, the unsafe hidden dangers are basically eliminated, waiting for the review of the expert group.

Our company will strengthen daily management, consolidate effectiveness, and regularly conduct self-inspection.